I went to my first ever festival in Canberra, Australia and boy was it a BLAST! Groovin the Moo is a one day festival filled with big and small bands, food trucks, big smiles, and heaps of people down to dance. I got introduced to many small Australian artists that I really enjoy listening to such as Winston Surfshirt, Vera Blu, and Mallrat. The festival was on a Sunday so a group of us caravanned down on Saturday and stayed the night at a friends house so that we wouldn’t have to wake up early on Sunday to make the 3 hour drive from Wollongong. In the morning, we all got dressed in our funky outfits and headed to the festival pretty early to watch some of the earlier bands and hopefully beat some of the traffic in the lines.

The day was so much fun! We hopped from stage to stage trying to catch a little bit of our favorite bands or bands we’d heard were known to be great performers. I danced so much and it was just such good fun. The sunset was absolutely stunning and it was beautiful to just watch while listening to the bands and the laughter of the people around. For a first festival, this one really set the bar high.

I think the festival was the best way to enter into the month of May. I know this month might be a bit more stressful as we are getting close to finals and end of semester papers and projects. I am so thankful I got to dance and sing with my friends (and also make new friends) before jumping right back into the swing of studying and working on everything coming up.

I really want to continue to go on fun excursions with my friends and see new things throughout this month. I still have plenty of time here, but at the same time it is flying by so fast and I want to be present and enjoy every minute of while working hard and still seeking out new adventures. I am falling hard for this country and the people in it. My goal is to continue to invest in the people I am around, work hard in school, and find all the amazing waterfalls I can!

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