sooners without borders

This semester, I decided to join Sooners Without Borders, an organization on campus that seeks to empower students with the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to help those in need. It was created for students who understand that there are issues in the world and want to be actively finding solutions to them.

My goal the past few has been to study and become a physician’s assistant so that I can travel and work in understaffed hospitals and clinics around the world. During my sophomore year of high school, I went on my very first mission trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. While there, I was exposed to their version of health care, an incredibly small clinic with minimal supplies and few employees. My heart broke for the people there and I felt it was unfair that I was able to receive such easy and quick care, while they are lucky if they can receive any kind of help. I had heard about doctors without borders, and when I got home, I began googling and searching for all the information I could find on it. How I didn’t find out about Sooners Without Borders till now, I don’t know, but I am sure thankful I did and was able to join.

I am excited to hopefully attend a trip down the road with this organization. I would love to have the opportunity to get to know others who have similar passions and desires for both community and global service.

In addition, I am currently looking into attending the OU Global Brigade in Panama this coming spring. It is a 7 day medical brigade where I will have the opportunity to take vitals and patient history in triage, shadow licensed doctors in medical consultations, and assist in a pharmacy under the direction of licensed pharmacists. I think I could learn a tremendous amount about patient care and what their health care system entails. This hands-on experience will be crucial for me. Thankfully, I am in the process of completing my third semester of Spanish at OU. I hope to be able to utilize all that I have learned and continue to learn to communicate with the patients I meet in Panama. Knowing their language will be an incredible asset for me as I try to understand and create an accurate diagnosis of what health issues they are dealing with and how they came about. It will also give me the ability to be encouraging and compassionate towards them in both my actions and words.

I am praying for the Lord’s blessing on this trip and asking that He closes the door if it is not where I am meant to be. He knows best and I simply want to walk in obedience.


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