travel abroad fails

Today was filled with laughter and hilarious stories thanks to my fellow global engagement students. It’s global engagement day and I went to the study abroad story time session where I was able to hear from several students about their time abroad. Because it was very laid back and informal, many students shared travel mishaps or unexpected adventures.

Louise Kuehster studied abroad for entire semester in Dalian, China. While there, she decided to run a 50k. However, it was not your average 50k. For the majority of the run, it was so uphill that she would have to grab tree branches to try and pull herself up the path. All the while, trying to stay on the path and not fall to her death. Much of the run spent trying not to tumble and also searching for markers that would identify some type of path. The entire run took her 9 hours and sounds like the most exhausting adventure one would never want to do again.

Another fun story was when Andrew Moore studied abroad in Italy. One day, he and a group of friends went on a search for a secluded beach they had heard about. The trek to the beach ended up being way longer than expected (far over a mile). When they got to the end of a tunnel, they had to pay a random toll and then climb down a rope to then continue on toward the beach. When they finally reached the beach, it turned out to be a nude beach (lol). It wasn’t quite what they had expected but hilarious and fun nonetheless.

I really enjoyed getting to sit back and listen to other students share fun stories from when they have been abroad. It made me even more excited to study abroad in Australia this coming spring. (WOOO can’t wait). Hopefully I will come back with some entertaining stories to share 🙂

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